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4 Steps to Cleaning Your Upholstery

It’s no fun to lounge on a dirty sofa. All you get is dirt and dust in your hair and clothes. So, before you binge-watch an entire season of your favorite sofa, make sure you have a thoroughly cleaned upholstery where you can sit and relax. If you are interested in doing the upholstery cleaning on your own this time instead of hiring a cleaning service, you can well try provided you hear out the following upholstery cleaning tips below. Here are 5 relevant steps to cleaning your upholstery.

1. Vacuum your upholstery first and foremost.

It’s important that you use a hand vacuum in this task, so it’s easier to reach the corner areas of your sofa or upholstered furniture. If cushions are not attached, you can do the vacuuming task easier if you remove them and you vacuum both sides.

2. Don’t forget the wood and metal areas.

When cleaning upholstery, you have to work on its entirety. So, don’t forget to also wipe clean the non-fabric parts with a specialized solution.

3. Do the spot clean procedure.

Spot cleaning is the only way you can get rid of stains in your upholstery. Beware of the home-made solutions you make and make sure to check first if it’s safe for your type of upholstery fabric. Fabric upholstery, leather upholstery, and synthetic upholstery have different ways of cleaning and maintenance.

4. Let it dry.

After the spot cleaning process, towel dry areas where there is excess water. Then, let your sofa air dry. You can use a box fan for speed drying.

Remember, DIY sofa cleaning can take a lot of your time and energy. It would be highly convenient for you to hire a professional cleaning service instead. To find a reliable team you can partner with in Queens, NY, choose to deal with us at Vantage Reupholstery Inc. Book a service with us today by calling at (718) 750-8091.

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