More About the Upholstery Services We Offer

Vantage Reupholstery Inc is a company that focuses on providing quality upholstery services for clients in the area so that clients are pleased with the looks of their furniture. We are professionals with a solid amount of experience working in the industry in Queens, NY. Instead of replacing your existing furniture, you can spruce it up to get a more appealing look with our help. Continue reading for more.

Marine Vinyl Upholstery

Marine Vinyl Upholstery

We Can Provide the Following:

Furniture Upholstery

Finding the ideal kind of upholstery for your furniture can be difficult, but getting it customized is a dream. This can ensure that your style is maintained and that you get a look you are pleased with. Instead of replacing your existing furniture, we can cover it in new upholstery.


If you have furniture that has existing upholstery that is either not cutting it for you or something that is simply outdated, we can help. Our experts will reupholster the furniture so that it suits your needs in terms of looks, design, and style.

Fabric Slipcover

Slipcovers are the ideal way to protect your furniture without permanently committing to changing the upholstery. We can complete the task of finding the right slipcovers for your needs and ensure that it is installed. Rely on our experts in Queens, NY for quality results and looks you are pleased with.

Marine Upholstery

This kind of upholstery is designed for boats, and it is typically UV-resistant, mildew-resistant, salt proof, and weatherproof. Vantage Reupholstery Inc can help you find the upholstery for your boat and install it for you.

Wall Upholstery

We can spruce up the look of your walls, too. Our experts can work with clients to help them find the wall coverings that will match the rest of their property and their vision.

If you need our services, make sure to give us a call at (718) 750-8091 now to schedule an appointment!

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