Reliable Custom Leather Upholstery for Your Car

Top Reasons To Choose Custom Leather Upholstery for your Car

Choosing leather as upholstery for your car may prove to be a difficult decision to make as you have to consider its advantages against cloth upholstery not only on its appearance but also its durability, ease of cleaning, and costs of its customization. Here are the qualified reasons why you should choose leather upholstery:

Luxurious Appearance

At first glance, leather always looks sleek and stylish compared to cloth. Choosing leather as your car upholstery gives a certain air of elegance even if used on an old or vintage car and does not give off a dull vibe. You can never go wrong with leather upholstery as it always has this luxurious feel and sheen gloss.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning your car seats will never be a problem if you choose leather as your upholstery as it is resistant to stains and does not absorb any liquid spills. Moreover, dust can be easily removed from it, making the car cleaner and non-allergenic. Furthermore, it has a natural moisture to its look so it maintains its classiness.


Custom leather upholstery has in fact known to withstand wear and tear as compared to cloth upholstery, but with an alleged downside of it being too costly. However, upon the meticulous choice of materials and craftsmanship, leather is far worthy than cloth as your car upholstery.

Higher Resale Value

Due to the following advantages given above, it is no wonder that leather is in demand when it comes to car upholstery. In fact, leather has already established itself as a premium feature. Hence, it will increase the value of your vehicle if you plan to sell it.

If you choose leather as your choice of upholstery, do not hesitate to inquire from Vantage Reupholstery Inc. Located in Queens, NY, we offer unique custom leather upholstery services. If you have questions about the types of leather and other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at (718) 750-8091.

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