Not Sure What Fabric to Upholster Your Furniture with

What Are the Different Kinds of Reupholstery Service Fabric?

Reupholstery service fabric is generally split into two types, which are natural and synthetic. Within these two categories are more subdivisions, and come under the category of solids, prints and heavy or lightweight upholstery materials. Of course, there are more categories of upholstery fabric available today.

For instance, silk is an expensive, elegant, fairly lightweight and natural upholstery material. It’s famous for its luxurious beauty, however, it does stain easily and will need cleaning professionally. Acetate upholstery fabrics are cheaper and not so luxurious as silk. They do, however, show dirt easily, but they are much cheaper than their counterpart silk.

The leather is yet another kind of upholstery fabric that can either be natural or synthetic. Genuine leather is said to be the most durable and stylish materials that are used to cover the likes of chairs and couches. It can stand up well to the wear and tear of children and pets, and it is simple to clean. The biggest drawback is the price, as good quality leather is quite expensive. Synthetic leather like vinyl is still tough and cheaper than natural leather, however, they do have a tendency to split or crack over time.

Often, both natural and synthetic are combined to create upholstery fabric. For example, the natural warmth and beauty of wool are sometimes mixed with synthetic nylon, this will add extra strength to upholstery fabric. Canvas is another material which is extremely tough. Cut velvet is a natural fabric that is often used for upholstery. It has a soft and raised pattern design which is said to be quite durable, however, today it is considered as being somewhat old-fashioned.

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