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Do you want to protect your furniture and still have a new and improved look to your property? You can do both without having to purchase all new furnishings. With help from a professional, you can have your choice of upholstery installed onto your existing furnishings or wall. This will keep up with the style of your property and ensure that it is protected. We are here to help regardless of your needs.

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Professional Slipcover Service in Queens, NY!

The Services We Provide 

Vantage Reupholstery Inc is a professional upholstery shop that is determined to provide our clients with stunning results that will transform the appearance of their properties. We work on projects that include furniture, wall, and marine upholstery, reupholstery services, as well as fabric slipcovers. Visit our services page today!

If you Need Marine Upholstery in Queens, NY, contact Vantage Reupholstery Inc!

What Our Experts Do to Help

We don’t just help you find the perfect style and design for your furniture coverings. Our team also makes sure that your choice will look good with your property, and that it will properly fit on your furnishings. Whether we are working with you on choosing the right upholstery slipcovers or something for the boat, you are guaranteed excellent services and results from our team. Rely on our experts in Queens, NY for the job.

Call (718) 750-8091 and Reach the Top Raed Vinyl Upholstery in Queens, NY!

Rely on Our Professionals!

From wall upholstery to covering the couch in something new, you are guaranteed an improved look from our experts. Rely on our design professionals to help you find something you will enjoy. Vantage Reupholstery Inc is a company you can trust regardless of your needs.

For Marine Vinyl Upholstery in Queens, NY, call us at (718) 750-8091!

If you need marine vinyl upholstery or coverings for your home furniture in Queens, NY, give us a call now to schedule your appointment!


Client’s Testimonial

by Marucs Holdings on Vantage Reupholstery Inc
Excellent Work

We added upholstery to all of our furniture in our home, and it looks fantastic. It protects our couches very well and we have dogs so it is very helpful. I am happy the look turned out great and it is perfect for the style of our home! Excellent work from these experts.

Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller
Exceptional Customer Care: The exceptional level of customer care I experienced with this company is commendable. They treated me like a VIP, and that's something I value greatly.
Queen Elizabeth Ela
Queen Elizabeth Ela

Vantage Reupholstery Inc
Queens, NY 11420
Phone: (718) 750-8091



  • Furniture Upholstery
  • Reupholstery
  • Fabric Slipcover
  • Marine Upholstery
  • Wall Upholstery
  • Sofa Upholstery
  • Love Seat Upholstery
  • Dining Room Chair Upholstery
  • Kitchen Chair Upholstery

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